Month: March 2015

Camas mayor jumps into oil train discussion

While leaders in Vancouver and Washougal have come out against the ramp up of oil trains running through the Gorge, you might be curious about where the city of Camas […]

In defense of Don Benton

I’ve never seen Councilor David Madore lose his cool, but he seemed to come dangerously close to it at Tuesday’s council meeting. Lee Jensen, a vocal Democrat and oft-seen face at […]

Vancouver through a newcomer’s eyes

Vancouver city staff members say they’ve been getting a kick out of the public’s responses on social media to the city’s query, “What makes Vancouver a vibrant city?” During the first […]

Council candidate Julie Olson takes first stand

Though the Columbia River Crossing is dead, Clark County Council candidate Julie Olson didn’t waste any time before sharing her thoughts on light rail. “In respecting the will of voters in […]

The relationship, or lack of, between Formations and Environmental Services

To those of you questioning whether there’s a shady relationship between Formations Design Group and the Clark County Environmental Services Department, the answer appears to be no. Last week, the Clark […]

Councilor Mielke and the Blue Ballpoint Pen

In general, I try not to be too much of a pest. But when Councilor Tom Mielke presented a doodle of his vision of the placement of “In God We Trust” […]

New twist on State of the City

When it comes to his annual State of the City address, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt vows it’s no more “same old, same old.” No more stuffy speeches from behind a podium. […]

The value of outreach for the Environmental Services Department

So what exactly is the Clark County Environmental Services Department’s return on investment for the five websites it plans to spend tens of thousands of dollars on in the next […]

Satanic Temple wants spot on the wall

It turns out the Satanic Temple of Seattle wants its own spot on the wall of the Clark County council’s hearing room. Councilor Jeanne Stewart, the only councilor to vote no […]

Motto resolution changed a third time

I know I sound like a broken record, but the posted “In God We Trust” resolution has changed once again. If you didn’t follow the drama last week, multiple versions of […]

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