Month: June 2019

An exercise: How might voting districts affect the current city council?

A proposal to divvy up Vancouver into three voting districts fell flat at city council last week. Councilors declined to move forward with a recommendation that they put the question […]

Will Clark County really spend $1 million on artwork at a new jail?

As you might’ve heard, estimates for the cost of a new Clark County jail came in hot.  Last year, the county assembled a blue-ribbon commission tasked with evaluating the county’s options […]

County Council takes another look at how it handles appointments

The Clark County home rule charter isn’t necessarily in conflict with federal law, but the county council would like to shine a little bit more light on how it appoints […]

Wylie gets more committee work

Being a member of the Legislature means lots of meetings and lots of work on committees. Although the Legislature wrapped up its work in April, one member of Clark County’s […]

What’s a filing fee petition?

In order to run for Vancouver City Council, you need to jump through some hoops. Namely: filing a candidacy with the Clark County Election's office, including paying a filing fee […]

Have candidates for the special county council race raised any money yet?

It’s after Memorial Day and it’s just two months away from the August primary, so let’s check in on who’s giving money in the special election for Clark County Council. […]

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