Being a member of the Legislature means lots of meetings and lots of work on committees. Although the Legislature wrapped up its work in April, one member of Clark County’s legislative delegation has signed on for more meetings and more committee work.

According to a press release sent out earlier today, Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, has been appointed to the Washington State Arts Commission and the Council of State Governments West’s Legislative Council on River Governance.

The Washington State Arts Commission is a 19-member group appointed by the governor that seeks to advocate for the arts in the state. It also operates grants and runs programs such as Poet Laureate.

The Council of State Governments West’s Legislative Council on River Governance is a group of state legislators from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. As its name suggests, the group works on governing rivers in the region. Specifically, they work on “protecting natural resources, preserving state authority and enhancing river governance in the Columbia and Snake River Basins.”

Here is Wylie’s statement on her appointments:

“As an artist and entrepreneur, I have been engaged with the local vibrant arts community and economic development since before I became a legislator. Supporting the arts benefits local communities, our quality of life and the state as a whole. In our schools, STEM education also benefits from robust integration with arts and music. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my state and my community as a strong link between the legislature and our state Arts Commission.

“In my years representing the 49th district, I have had the honor and duty to become involved in the many issues that affect our region, including the need to replace the I-5 Bridge. Any team effort we undertake will require collaborating in good faith with neighbors and partners, and must include preserving and enhancing our salmon runs, as well as ensuring continued economic growth on both sides of the river and throughout the state.

“As first vice chair of the House Transportation Committee, this appointment to the Council on River Governance couldn’t be a better fit for me and couldn’t have come at a better time. The council is well positioned to address the challenges and opportunities we face in energy, natural resources, transportation and economic development. I look forward to the exchange of ideas as we work on common solutions for the communities we serve.”


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