What’s in a like?

Councilor David Madore, once again, seems to have conflated his Facebook “likes” with his supporters and endorsers. He’s not the first person to do it. I’ve been hassled before for “liking” […]

A new Tesla for the councilman

Looks like someone bought a new toy. Councilor David Madore posted a photo of himself with a shiny new Tesla S model on his public Facebook page. If you don't follow […]

Communication breakdown

Clark County Commissioner David Madore did something this week he rarely does: He apologized. Not to me, but I'll get to that. The apology stemmed from something he wrote on his Facebook […]

Facebook: A politician’s best friend

Back in the day, Facebook was a convenient way for college kids to post photos of themselves at parties drinking themselves sideways. It was like an ontological study of creative […]

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