Month: May 2016

Berrigan turns petition over

Christian Berrigan’s efforts to overturn the Clark County Council’s rules of procedures are onto the next step: signature verification. Last week I wrote about Berrigan, who protested the county council’s decision […]

A jazzy mistake

Prairie High School Jazz Band members were put in an awkward spot Wednesday when they arrived at a gig and discovered it was a political fundraiser for Clark County Council […]

Madore lambastes Stewart for a vote she didn’t make

Clark County Council David Madore had to issue an apology to Councilor Jeanne Stewart Tuesday, after he accused her of voting to support light rail in Portland. The problem? She wasn't at […]

Pensions make a difference when mayor

Royce Pollard, Pat Jollota and Larry Smith were central to the opposition movement against the fat salary hikes the city Salary Review Commission recently gave Vancouver’s mayor and city council […]

Berrigan calls for point of order

After months of work, the Clark County Council on Tuesday approved its rules of procedures, banal guidelines for how the councilors should conduct their meetings and themselves. I know, you’re already […]

Olson goes honey badger on Madore

Councilor Julie Olson has developed a habit of going full-on honey badger to Councilor David Madore in recent weeks, and Wednesday was no exception. Prior to the council’s board time meeting, […]

Madore relatively quiet in early weeks of election 2016

For many of you, the exasperation of another year of campaigning may already be underway as you pass the 4 x 8 campaign signs starting to dot our countryside. “It’s only […]

Councilors look to testify to Planning Commission

Frequent readers of this blog and The Columbian – and really just anyone even a little tuned in to county politics – are well aware of where each of the […]

Cut and run?

Port of Vancouver CEO Todd Coleman decided four years ago he's only going to lead the port for four years. He reminded his three bosses, the port's commissioners, with a two-week […]

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