Month: March 2013

Battle Ground is no rented mule

Let it be known: Battle Ground City Councilor Philip Johnson is not a rented mule. As such, he does not want to be ridden like one. But tell that to the city […]

Hey Carolyn, here’s your proof

During Monday's Vancouver City Council meeting, failed legislative candidate Carolyn Crain ripped into Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt for saying that signature gatherers were paid for their work on the anti […]

Word War Winners!

We know this blog is meant to be about local politicians, but we are going to write about ourselves today because we triumped in the inaugural Word War on Saturday. […]

Playing politics at C-Tran

When the official minutes of this week's C-Tran board meeting are finalized, you'll see this phrase: "Tom Mielke motioned, Tim Leavitt seconded, and motion carried..." A new political alliance? Well, probably not. Understand, […]

Cheap county employees hog free downtown parking

Well, this won't do much to foster city-county goodwill. The Vancouver City Council had a workshop Monday on its Government Parking District Management Plan in advance of an April 15 public […]

Mustang Timmy

Since we're not stalkers, I didn't know what type of car Mayor Tim Leavitt drives. Then photographer Steve Lane showed me this gem that he took after the Paddy Hough […]

No “Bingo!” at State of the City speech

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt gave the annual State of the City speech today, and for the news report, click here. With that out of the way, how did I do in […]

State of the City bingo!

After Erik Hidle came up with State of the County bingo, I thought maybe I would try to create a drinking game for the State of the City address. But […]

“Light rail has a documented connection to witchcraft”

A new website has surfaced, and it is a spot-on parody of an anti-Columbia River Crossing website.  Here is the parody, which can be found at Over the years, many residents […]

Prayer on the agenda

The prayer time before public hearings that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has been pursuing will be discussed this coming Tuesday, and will very likely go to a vote. The resolution […]

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