Month: December 2015

Craving some crazy for 2016

Reflecting on the Vancouver City Council’s performance this year, there haven’t been a lot of hijinks to blog about. No shouting matches or punches thrown. Disagreements are polite. All council members […]

Looking back on an explosive 2015

Last February, I arrived in Vancouver with a car full of junk and a heart full of optimism. I was back in the state I loved, closer to my family […]

It’s a gamble

Things are looking up, though everything can still go wrong for the proposed Cowlitz casino — a federal appeals court rescinds the tribe's reservation, the county council somehow overcomes tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, financing […]

A literary end to 2015 for Clark County council

A coworker of mine on Tuesday described the Clark County council’s four-hour meeting as "Kafkaesque." It was an appropriate end to a meeting peppered with literary references. One-time Vancouver Port commissioner […]

Friends of Clark County gearing up for legal action

At least one organization is already gearing up for legal action over Clark County’s 20-year growth plan. Land-use and conservation group Friends of Clark County, whose members have been vocally opposed […]

County website sees significant upgrades

  Clark County got a much-needed upgrade to its website this week. The county hasn’t had a significant upgrade to its website in 10 years, which means, by the way, that one […]

Clark County council agenda like Grinch’s heart: Growing

UPDATE: I rewrote this blog post to reflect the contents of Councilor David Madore's proposed resolution as detailed below. An earlier version of this blog post appears at the bottom […]

C ya, C-Tran?

There was an unusually empty chair at Tuesday's C-Tran board meeting. Arriving after an hourlong executive session, I shuffled into the library's meeting room and did not see David Madore's […]

Christmas week Clark County council meeting feels like a lump of coal

T’will be just before Christmas, and on the sixth floor Our own Clark County council has hearings galore. The meeting’s been noticed, thank David Madore. He wrote them himself, and he plans to […]

He earned that brick

Twenty-five years of service for the city of Vancouver, and all Larry Smith got was a lousy brick. To be fair, it was a replica of a brick installed in front […]

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