County website sees significant upgrades


The homepage of Clark County's shiny new website.

The homepage of Clark County’s shiny new website.

Clark County got a much-needed upgrade to its website this week.

The county hasn’t had a significant upgrade to its website in 10 years, which means, by the way, that one of the websites I visit every single day has been pretty much the same since I was in middle school.


According to a county presentation, the upgrades replace a 15-year-old back end, improve the overall branding and look of the site, and resizes the for your phone or tablet screen (responsive design, for those among you who are semi-savvy in web design).

Hosting and security will cost the county about $17,000 annually.

Just in the last two days of exploring through the new website since it was introduced Thursday, I’ve found it to be a significant improvement on the old site. Make sure you check it out.

Kaitlin Gillespie

Kaitlin Gillespie

I'm the education reporter at The Columbian. Get in touch at or 360-735-4517.

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