Month: February 2013

Can’t we all just get along?

And now, an inspirational message from local dudes Jim Mains and Gary Bock of The Vancouver Side. Enjoy:   […]

Crain has short memory

Wow, were the elections really just in November? Somebody should remind failed state legislative candidate Carolyn Crain. Oh wait, nevermind. State Rep. Jim Moeller, who picked up his sixth term […]

The long and winding Wednesday

Clark County commissioners will now be taking an extra 30 minutes between their work sessions from now on. I wasn't there for the discussion (I was in Kelso), but the change […]

From playgrounds to battlegrounds

Much like the word "retreat" has been ruined for me by covering local government -- turning it into a word with a positive connotation to one that fills me with […]

Blast from the past

When a group of anti-light rail petitioners trekked to Kelso this week, it's a safe bet that no one was wearing one of these: You may recognize that button -- if […]

Vansterdam? Portland’s Tijuana?

Well, I guess Identity Clark County can close up and go home, because Clark County has found an identity, thanks to this map that has been making the rounds on […]

Parks talk likely to get more direct

Those of you interested in Clark County Commissioner David Madore's January announcement that park fees would be eliminated were probably a little disappointed by the lack of depth to the […]

Clark County assessor concerned with tolls

Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick spoke at Tuesday's county commissioner meeting to share his worries over the tolling component of the Columbia River Crossing project. Van Nortwick didn't outright say […]

Stuart responds to county’s CRC opposition

Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart was out sick for Tuesday's meeting where Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke approved a resolution opposingĀ  the Columbia River Crossing. He returned to work Wednesday, […]

Leavitt’s letter to Inslee (that was signed by 43 other mayors)

As reported online yesterday, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, who will be announcing plans to seek a second term this afternoon, was part of a "Mayor's Transportation Forum" that sent a […]

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