Month: August 2013

He’s back behind the wheel

Hey, look who Editor Lou Brancaccio ran into Friday outside of The Columbian, where a crew from Nutter Corp. has been working on roads as part of the city's waterfront […]

Stewart returns campaign donation from Herman’s wife

At the Aug. 12 meeting of the Vancouver City Council, regular attendee and Columbia River Crossing critic Steve Herman took the unusual step of asking the council to dismiss a […]

The Dude Abides – and so does Burkman

With today's announcement from the feds that they don't care if Washington goes ahead, rolls Initiative 502 and lights up, I tweeted that the Vancouver City Council needs to actually […]

Clark County’s drug map will make you feel like you’re on drugs

The federal government today said it really doesn't care if you smoke marijuana in a state where voters have approved smoking marijuana. Knowing the feds don't plan to raid the farm […]

Boy Scout’s new look

Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen posted a photo of himself on Facebook sporting a new look. I'm not sure if he's trying to hype his upcoming performance in Dancing with the […]

“Cowgirl up,” Councilor Stewart

I've always been puzzled by Commissioner David Madore referring to Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Stewart as "the princess."   This Facebook post from Madore was from 2011, when Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt […]

Gone fishin’: no county meetings Wednesday

The Clark County commissioners won't hold meetings on Wednesday as they won't have a quorum. Yup, your electeds are taking a few days off before the summer fades. I'm not sure what […]

CRC can’t even beat dead Colonel

The meeting mavens aren't delusional - we know where our stories about local governments rank. We get the daily analytics on page hits on our website. Crime stories always rank the […]

Commissioners hit their stride

Mark down Aug. 21 as the day that Clark County commissioners hit their stride. I'm going to try and temper my excitement here, because there is no precedent to say this […]

Candidates fill coffers

With Clark County's primary election but a distant speck in the rearview mirror, it’s now time to focus on the Nov. 5 general election. So with that, it's time to take an […]

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