City of Vancouver

Former Vancouver staffer files another suit against the city

A former assistant city attorney filed a lawsuit against her past employer this week over its handling of public records. Debra Quinn is suing Vancouver in Clark County Superior Court for […]

Parking tickets suspended during viral outbreak

Quarantined at home in Vancouver, but worried about overstaying your meter? Ducking out every two hours to move your car? You can chill. The city stopped issuing regular parking tickets on […]

Confused about what counts as affordable housing? So am I.

In case you missed it, the Vancouver City Council granted a tax break this week to a planned apartment development on Block 10 because its proposed rents — from $1,496 […]

An exercise: How might voting districts affect the current city council?

A proposal to divvy up Vancouver into three voting districts fell flat at city council last week. Councilors declined to move forward with a recommendation that they put the question […]

What’s a filing fee petition?

In order to run for Vancouver City Council, you need to jump through some hoops. Namely: filing a candidacy with the Clark County Election's office, including paying a filing fee […]

The Phantom Maureen

There’s a certain finesse to covering city council primary elections. You want to give each candidate a fair shake while framing the election for the reader in a useful way. Our […]

Perez earns caucus endorsement

Diana Perez — one of five people running in what’s turning out to be a crowded race for Vancouver City Council Position 6 — earned a key endorsement Friday evening. The […]

How have council candidates addressed police shootings?

At the Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance meeting last night, most of the discussion revolved around a recent string of police-involved shootings: four in five weeks, three of them fatal. Vancouver Police […]

A literary end to 2015 for Clark County council

A coworker of mine on Tuesday described the Clark County council’s four-hour meeting as "Kafkaesque." It was an appropriate end to a meeting peppered with literary references. One-time Vancouver Port commissioner […]

One last post before I go

Before my junior year at Fort Vancouver High School, I’d heard warnings from upperclassmen about Mary Beth Kelly, who taught honors English.  She was strict, bordering on mean. She had […]

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