Month: March 2020

COVID-19 gives awareness proclamations new feel

We don’t often cover proclamations at public meetings declaring (insert here) Day or (insert here) Month. That’s not to say that they aren’t important to raise awareness or reduce stigma about […]

Parking tickets suspended during viral outbreak

Quarantined at home in Vancouver, but worried about overstaying your meter? Ducking out every two hours to move your car? You can chill. The city stopped issuing regular parking tickets on […]

Camas mayor in self-quarantine after Spain trip

Camas Mayor Barry McDonnell has, one might say, a global perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic after a family vacation to Spain. McDonnell, his wife and four children left two weeks ago, […]

Clark County may emulate Vancouver camping laws

The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office gave a legal thumbs up to Vancouver’s anti-camping ordinance, suggesting it could be a model for a county policy. The prosecuting attorney’s office was asked […]

Long on lukewarm young voters: ‘Can you blame them?’

Carolyn Long, the main (scratch that; now she’s the only) Democrat seeking Washington’s 3rd Congressional District seat, told National Public Radio she’s trying to win over unaffiliated voters and energize […]

Kraft casts only vote against supplemental transportation budget

Never say that Rep. Vicki Kraft is afraid to stand alone. The Vancouver Republican, elected in the 17th Legislative District in 2016 and re-elected in 2018, is arguably the most conservative […]

Bloomberg’s Vancouver office: 13 days, forever in our hearts.

Dearly beloved: We are gathered here today to celebrate the short but illustrious life of the Vancouver campaign office of Michael Bloomberg. The campaign headquarters for the former New York mayor […]

Vote late — if you want your ballot to matter

Vote early and vote often. That saying, attributed to former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, mobster Al Capone and a host of others, has never been sound advice, unless facing felony […]

County councilors attend NACo conference in D.C.

In lieu of meetings at the Public Service Center this week, Clark County councilors conducted business in a much larger setting --- the nation’s capital. Council Chair Eileen Quiring and Councilors […]

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