City of Vancouver

Burning questions about city wood, answered

In Tuesday's newspaper, on the cover of the Clark County section, we had photographs of trees in Carter Park that had come down during the Dec. 11 windstorm and were being […]

Vancouver union leader: Morale at all-time low

As reported, Vancouver city officials have been researching whether they pay their employees enough money. They did a study and (surprise!) found in many cases, they don't, at least according to compensation […]

Who are these swings for, anyway?

I know the city of Vancouver prides itself on its parks, but since I live in unincorporated Clark County I don't take my daughters to many city parks. Are all of […]

What a waste — of 23 cents

I was irritated to find this in my mailbox recently:                                     No offense to the girls playing in the Esther Short Park water feature. Specifically, I was bugged by seeing these names. While […]

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