columbia river crossing

Pike peddling bridge ideas, but not to RTC

State Rep. Liz Pike doesn't have a bridge to sell you. The Camas Republican does, however, have some ideas she'd like to share. She just won't be sharing them with the […]

What’s the plan again?

You don't need to tell the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council that local traffic congestion is bad and getting worse. The agency is in the middle of a Congestion Management Process […]

Council candidate Julie Olson takes first stand

[caption id="attachment_5176" align="alignleft" width="225"] Julie Olson[/caption] Though the Columbia River Crossing is dead, Clark County Council candidate Julie Olson didn’t waste any time before sharing her thoughts on light rail. “In respecting […]

Light rail conspiracy theory

First, let's get something out of the way: The Columbia River Crossing is still dead. Yet the ghost of the proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement continues to haunt government meetings in […]

C-Tran board publicly, awkwardly discusses light rail deal

For several months, the C-Tran Board of Directors has discussed its controversial light rail contract with TriMet mostly in closed executive sessions. A surprise motion by Clark County Commissioner David Madore […]

Searching for a CRC successor

Let's face it: The words "Columbia River Crossing" carry a certain stigma these days. Mere mention of the project that came to be known as the CRC immediately stokes a range […]

CRC “thank-you” resolution likely won’t be introduced

For those who may have seen this Facebook post by State. Rep Liz Pike ... and wondered what resolution she was talking about, I've posted a link to it below. I […]

Dead, dormant … or delusional?

I follow "Overheard in the Newsroom" on Twitter, because it produces occasional gems: This quote came to mind during a July 7 Vancouver City Council meeting, when councilors were discussing whether […]

Columbia River Crossing, Jr.

I figure I haven't written my last story about the Columbia River Crossing. But I didn't see this one coming. This week's Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting included a look […]

Columbia River Crossing: 2005-2014

After the Columbia River Crossing died -- the first time, in 2013 -- we wondered what an obituary for the controversial megaproject might look like. Turns out, that may have been […]

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