Month: August 2014

Mielke wants more car money, less training

The Board of Clark County Commissioners is at its rawest during “board time,” the weekly Kaffee Klatsch-esque meetings where a triumvirate of men resembling castoffs from a repertory theater production […]

Against the interchange before they were for it

Many politicians can't resist a good ribbon-cutting ceremony. Elected officials get to swoop in at the end of a major project and share the spotlight in the friendliest of settings. They […]

Rebuttals to the bridge statements

Yesterday I posted the pro and con statements for the third bridge that will be in the voters guide - but I didn't include the rebuttal statements. Of course there are […]

Yay? Nay? Third bridge statements submitted to election office

After all the hand-wringing about who was going to write the pro and con statements on the bridge advisory vote for the voters guide, the wait is over. Sure, the election […]

Forget a ‘meaningful life’; what about a ‘quality person?’

It’s been a little over a year, and Commissioner David Madore is still talking about what kind of a salary it takes to live a “meaningful” life. But now we […]

The price to pee privately in a public park

Scanning through city council emails the other day, this phrase caught my eye: "port-a-potty vigilantes." The line was in a memo to City Manager Eric Holmes from Julie Hannon, director of parks […]

C-Tran board: Call me maybe?

Following a couple of recent instances of telephonic governance, the C-Tran Board of Directors is considering setting new rules on how -- and how often -- board members can call […]

County’s economic outlook improves, still inconsistent

Clark County's economic indicators appear to be on the rise, tracking similar state and national trends, according to the county's second-quarter report. The report is filled with ups and downs, as […]

Deus ex machina east county bridge

Clark County Commissioner David Madore has a shiny new website dedicated to his east county bridge idea. Too bad there are parts of it that nobody can read. Unless, that is, […]

CRC “thank-you” resolution likely won’t be introduced

For those who may have seen this Facebook post by State. Rep Liz Pike ... and wondered what resolution she was talking about, I've posted a link to it below. I […]

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