Month: August 2014

Madore’s bridge financing plan leaves people wanting more

At Tuesday's Board of County Commissioners meeting, a Vancouver resident pressed David Madore for details on how he plans to finance his four-lane bridge. (You know, the one he said in January would […]

Another relationship leaves Leavitt heartbroken

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt led the city council last week in saying goodbye to Ted Gathe, who retired July 31 after 25 years with the city, 20 of which were […]

Fun in the park with the Vancouver City Council

If you would never allow Commissioner David Madore to attach a bridge to Southeast 192nd Avenue ... JUMP!   I'm joking. This photo was taken Monday at Esther Short Park and the council […]

‘Favoritism, cronyism and pressure to conform’ are evident to county employees

Despite being generally satisfied with their jobs, Clark County employees say they view the county as "an increasingly political organization where favoritism, cronyism and pressure to conform appear to influence how policies and […]

Turlay reiterates weather not indication of climate change

Reading through Vancouver city council emails, it's good to see Councilor Bill Turlay lets his fellow council members and the city manager know what's what. I mean, who are you […]

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