Month: November 2014

So long, farewell

That’s right. I’m leaving The Columbian, date certain next Wednesday. And while I’m not keen on navel-gazing valedictions — the kind that come with sweeping pronouncements of lessons learned, wisdom […]

C-Tran pens yet another letter to TriMet

Another week, another letter between C-Tran and TriMet regarding the light rail contract the two agencies signed in 2013. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, C-Tran's board chair, authored the latest communiqué stating […]

Tongue-lashed Lasher

Poor Doug Lasher. The guy is like the Rodney Dangerfield of Clark County politics. He's been the county's treasurer since the Ice Age and he still gets no respect. Case in […]

C-Tran board publicly, awkwardly discusses light rail deal

For several months, the C-Tran Board of Directors has discussed its controversial light rail contract with TriMet mostly in closed executive sessions. A surprise motion by Clark County Commissioner David Madore […]

Why Bart got benched for C-Tran composition meeting

Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen's earnestness earned him the nickname "Boy Scout Bart," and he can be counted on to save baby ducks.  But look at Bart (right, with local dude […]

Gee, who could Leavitt be talking about on Facebook?

Well, someone is feeling bold today after being part of the majority in a 7-3 vote. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, perhaps miffed that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke took off Tuesday after the […]

Risking the wrath of Uber

I was tweeting from the Vancouver City Council's workshop last night on the taxi code (a discussion prompted by Uber) and received a tip: Make sure you only write nice things about Uber. The tip […]

Searching for a CRC successor

Let's face it: The words "Columbia River Crossing" carry a certain stigma these days. Mere mention of the project that came to be known as the CRC immediately stokes a range […]

Zombie tree shrugs off another windstorm

Tuesday's windstorm brought down some big trees in Vancouver, but the city's most famous tree survived. Of course it survived. The Old Apple Tree has had more work than a Kardashian and has […]

Charter could mean new faces on C-Tran, RTC boards

This week's approval of a home rule charter could have a ripple effect beyond just Clark County government. The new charter could also bring some new faces to the boards of […]

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