Month: March 2014

Toilets, windmills among Stephanie Turlay’s complaints to council

Stephanie Turlay, the would-be First Lady of Vancouver, was among the speakers Monday at the Vancouver City Council. She first criticized the "premature action by some on this council," referring to […]

Songer still strives to be Sheriff

Welcome to a special Klickitat County (pop. 20,700) edition of All Politics is Local, as we salute Bob Songer, former Clark County undersheriff who is still pursuing his dream of […]

Royce Pollard’s back-sided wager

It's no secret that Royce Pollard, former mayor of America's Vancouver, and county commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore don't see eye-to-eye.  But now another body part is getting involved. Madore's backside, and […]

Stop me if you’ve heard this one …

Monday's Vancouver City Council workshop about a proposed arts district in downtown sounded familiar even before it began. I had to think wayyy back and search our archives for stories […]

Bart “Climate Warrior” Hansen takes stand against oil terminal

Two days after Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman publicly took a stand against the proposed Tesoro-Savage $110 million oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, Councilor Bart Hansen took to […]

Goodbye Big Stu

Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart is leaving elected office to be city manager of Ridgefield. Big Stu has been a rich source of material for All Politics is Local since we […]

Vancouver council expressing hopes, dreams for city

Confession time. Today the Vancouver City Council is having the first of four strategy sessions about ... well, I'll let you read Mayor Tim Leavitt's description. Now, since a majority of […]

Madore says city councilors can’t help people in “tangible” ways

Maybe the reactions of Camas Mayor Scott Higgins and Ridgefield Mayor Fred Willard, I mean, Ron Onslow to Clark County Commissioner David Madore's announcement of a third bridge fell short […]

Madore: ‘We should never behave like chickens’

Today, in strained similes, Commissioner David Madore defends Clark County's environmental services director, Sen. Don Benton, by likening him to a chicken marked for death by a ravenous brood. The […]

No “Bingo!” for State of the City

I knew Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt would be behind a podium for the State of the City Address, but I didn't guess he'd be standing on a soapbox. So I […]

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