Month: March 2014

“State of the City” bingo

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt will deliver the annual State of the City address, 9 a.m. tomorrow at Fort Vancouver High School. Doors open at 8:30. I'm so excited, I just […]

Columbia River Crossing: 2005-2014

After the Columbia River Crossing died -- the first time, in 2013 -- we wondered what an obituary for the controversial megaproject might look like. Turns out, that may have been […]

Former county employees lost in the memory hole

One interesting moment from Thursday's State of the Clark County address came when Commissioner Tom Mielke acknowledged the number of county directors who'd recently resigned their positions. On one hand, […]

Quiz: Which local elected official are you?

Thanks to ubiquitous Buzzfeed quizzes, you know which '90s babe is your style icon and which U.S. president you are, as well as what type of cookie and dog. Even […]

State of the county bingo!

It's the day you've all been waiting for: The State of Clark County. It's like Christmas wrapped in the Fourth of July, ensconced in a straight jacket made of Halloween. Adding […]

The will of the voters, not necessarily the people

During Monday's public hearing on a recreational marijuana ordinance, when the phrase "the will of the voters" was used approximately 420 times, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt had to state the […]

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