Month: May 2014

APIL Presents: Master Puppet Theater III — Impasse

When we last checked in on the All Politics is Local sock puppets, they were re-enacting meetings, including the infamous May Day Meltdown, and using verbatim scripts. On Tuesday, Commissioners David […]

Topper leaving Trust

Vancouver City Councilor Alishia Topper, who has been staying out of the Pearson Air Museum flap because her position as senior director of development for the Fort Vancouver National Trust, […]

Expired signs

There are a lot of regulations on political signs, but there's no rule saying you can't run for a new position while evidence of a past political failure remains on a chain link […]

Mielke Math

The C-Tran Board of Directors has nine voting members. Local city and town councils have seven or five members. Port districts and the county have three members on policy-making boards. Apparently it […]

Seating drama not exclusive to high school

Seating arrangements for elected officials aren't always random. For example, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt sits in the center seat at city council meetings. The junior member of the council is […]

Benton scores low on environmental group’s scorecard

The Washington Conservation Voters released their legislative scorecard for 2013-2014, and Clark County's environmental services director, Republican state Sen. Don Benton, didn't fare too well. He scored an 8 (out of […]

Leavitt staying neutral on oil resolution until after public hearing

The Vancouver City Council has the votes to pass a resolution pledging to fight any proposals that would result in an increase of Bakken crude oil being hauled through Clark County, specifically […]

Burkman, Turlay demonstrate different research methods

Since a resident emailed the Vancouver City Council last month to inquire whether the city has ever considered a plastic bag ordinance, a few councilors have traded thoughts on the […]

A bone for conspiracy theorists to chew on

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt has yet to take a public stance on the prospect of having the largest oil-handling facility in the Northwest in his city. He's been out of […]

Turlay: “There is no damage to humans on the stuff that’s coming out of Wyoming”

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay has made it well-known he doesn't believe in climate change. It came as no surprise he spoke up Monday to question whether having the Northwest's largest […]

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