Month: May 2014

Strahan: We didn’t want “precious” general fund money for Pearson

The city of Vancouver, the Fort Vancouver National Trust and the National Park Service had to issue separate announcements, rather than a joint statement, about Pearson Air Museum last month. That's a sign of drama […]

The BRT name game

When C-Tran unveiled four possible names for its proposed bus rapid transit system on Tuesday, the response here in the newsroom was less than enthusiastic. C-Tran is asking the public's help […]

How about restrictions on the name “Vantucky”?

Here's some unsolicited advice for people who have a request for elected Vancouver city officials: Don't start your pitch by insulting their city. (And don't use "Portland did it" as […]

Zero proposals for Block 10

Vancouver's Block 10 -- the last completely empty block in the downtown redevelopment area -- has long been hyped by city officials. The city council voted last August to publish […]

The Odd Couple

A lively exchange between former Mayor Bruce Hagensen and Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay was the highlight of Monday's council meeting. Seriously, if we want to improve public participation in local […]

Columbia River Crossing, Jr.

I figure I haven't written my last story about the Columbia River Crossing. But I didn't see this one coming. This week's Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting included a look […]

Wrong Jeanne

A comment posted on our story today about Jeanne Stewart's plans to run for Clark County Commissioner wasn't surprising. Last year, Stewart and Jeanne Harris were up for re-election on the Vancouver […]

Group seeks investigation into Benton

A group of Clark County citizens is asking the state Public Disclosure Commission to re-evaluate an October decision that precluded state Sen. Don Benton from disclosing most of the top […]

Benton backs The Columbian!

When an email titled, "Benton backs The Columbian ..." appeared in my inbox, I had to double check the calendar. Yes, it's Cinco de Mayo, not April Fools' Day. Benton, in his […]

City puts in order with McDonald’s

The proposal to build a McDonald's on Main Street, north of Fourth Plain Boulevard, has not been well-received. During a pre-application meeting this morning in a conference room at City Hall, […]

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