Breast Cancer Rehab

Strength Training During Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer changes your life. Once treatment ends, you want to get your life back and put cancer behind you, but you are still having to navigate many of the […]

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Muscle Strength and Endurance

Week Five Although you are never the same after Breast Cancer, we have many clients who have gone on to living incredibly healthy, fit, rich and adventurous lives post Breast […]

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Muscle Strength and Endurance

Week Four A Breast Cancer diagnosis can completely blind-side a woman and shock her family and friends. While navigating various treatment options and making decisions on the best approach for her […]

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Mobility and Flexibility

Week 3 The last few weeks we have discussed how exercise lowers your risk for developing Breast Cancer and how a healthy and fit lifestyle also positively impacts your treatment and […]

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Prevention

Week Two Last week, we discussed the importance of exercise and overall health to lowering your risk for developing Breast Cancer. We probably all know women who were avid exercisers but […]

Breast Cancer and Exercise – Prevention

Week 1 We are approaching Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re one month away from the Girlfriends Run, a local 5K, 10K and Half Marathon Run/Walk that supports local Breast Cancer […]

Pink Power – Training Post Breast Cancer Surgery

We probably all know at least one person who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I personally know a great deal of women who have been diagnosed including many of […]

Survivors Surviving Breast Cancer

Komen Race for the Cure is this month, Girlfriends Run for a Cure is next month on October 11th and with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, it puts this […]

Life After Breast Cancer

Life After Breast Cancer.... Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with Breast Cancer realizes that the cancer experience does not end the day that treatment ends. You want to get back to your normal […]

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