Month: September 2015

An Old Habit is Hard to Break!

We humans are creatures of habit and often do things, not because we need to, but rather because it’s just the way we’ve always done them. Some common examples are: Salting […]

Do You Need a Rest Day?

Recently, I was lying in bed and it was raining outside. I was scheduled for a workout but I was having a hard time leaving my warm bed to head […]

Survivors Surviving Breast Cancer

Komen Race for the Cure is this month, Girlfriends Run for a Cure is next month on October 11th and with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, it puts this […]

No Pain, Lots of Gain!

September is equivalent to the autumn New Year’s Resolution. Many are excited to have the kids back in school, travel complete and are ready to get into a fitness routine.  […]

Back to School, Back to YOU!

Now that kids are back in school, it’s a great opportunity to focus on you and your health and fitness.  At Northwest Personal Training, we know that.... ......committing to a health […]

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