Preserve your fast-twitch muscles!

As we age we lose bout 7 pounds of muscle each decade and this loss is predominantly noted in the number and size of fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscle […]

Fake fitness news

There is a lot of talk about Fake News and the fitness industry is not immune. Here’s a list of common myths and the corresponding facts. Fake: The best time to […]

Add Good Vibrations into your Workout Routines

A new trend in the fitness industry that just may hold some staying power is Vibration therapy, a technique that utilizes tools of various shapes and sizes to warm-up, release […]

Spring Into Inline Skating

We are fortunate here in Clark County to have many opportunities to Inline skate on paved trails away from traffic.... along the Columbia River Waterfront Trail, Salmon Creek Trail, Discovery […]

Core Conditioning – To Crunch or Not Crunch?

Abdominal crunches and sit-ups still seem to be the go-to exercise when someone wants to strengthen their core but they may not be doing as much as we think to develop the strong […]

Reverse The Aging Process

Another Birthday passed and I just turned 45.  The good news is besides a few extra wrinkles, a few more aches and pains and having difficulty reading small text, I […]

Healthy Halloween

Halloween launches the holiday weight gain season but it doesn’t have to be that way.  You CAN have a healthy Halloween! It’s easy to be tempted by candy, treats, parties, […]

Running Program Week 11

It’s Race Day – Steps Leading Up to Your Race If you’ve followed along with this running program series, you’ve learned about proper running progression, correct running technique, important strengthening exercises […]

Achieving Your Goals and Dream Life – Step Five

Achieving Your Goals and Dream Life – Step Five Be Positively Positive! Achieving your dreams requires a little thought and effort but anything worth achieving is worth working for.  So far we […]

Finding The Motivation!

Finding The Motivation to eat well and exercise can be tough..... I recently was the Keynote speaker for the “Dream Big” program which is an organization that helps kids create […]

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