Month: July 2024

Base Conditioning

Starting your fitness journey or preparing for a new athletic challenge is an exciting venture. However, laying a solid foundation before diving into high-intensity and high-volume workouts is crucial. Spending […]

Supermans Should Be a Staple Exercise

The prone opposite arm/leg lift, commonly known as the "Superman" exercise, should be an exercise staple for all of us and here’s why:  Strengthens the Core This exercise targets our glutes, hamstrings […]

5 Of The Worst Exercises

Not all exercises are created equal. While some boost your fitness, strengthen your body and help to keep you injury-free, others can do more harm than good. 5 Exercises That Might […]

Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

Summer’s sweltering heat can sabotage even the most committed exercise enthusiast’s workout plans. But don’t let the blazing sun deter you! With the right strategies, you can stay active, safe, […]

Staying Committed to Fitness Over the Summer with Kids

Ah, summer! That magical time of year when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your kids are out of school for a couple months. Suddenly, your well-oiled […]

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