Strange lights seen from La Center

Terri, a La Center woman, reported seeing some strange lights in the sky at the end of January from her house looking toward Camas and Vancouver. She said one was a white orb, another was more colorful. Below are her photos taken on Jan. 29th. She saw more on Jan. 30th in a second location, […]

The mysterious haunted box

Jay Fredericks, a local magician who collects haunted objects, recently acquired a mysterious box from a Vancouver couple. The couple, Paul and Rhoda, got the box after Paul’s father died. It had been in his father’s possession since Paul was a small boy. The couple didn’t know where Paul’s father got it originally. After looking […]

Stage coach ghosts in Wisconsin

Submitted by Liz Snow, who lives in Salmon Creek: The year was 2001. I had just married my husband and moved into his home in rural Wisconsin. After settling in, I started being awakened by ghosts. I would suddenly wake up in the middle of my slumber and see a ghostly figure standing in the […]

Haunted items at a Vancouver farmhouse

When Jay Fredericks was a boy, his family moved into an old farmhouse on the east side of Vancouver. Fredericks, who today works as a master mentalist (magician), was fascinated at the time by the old building and set off to do some exploring after he, his parents and his siblings arrived. “(The mortgage) was […]

A Mill Plain haunting

More than one person has reported eerie feelings and hearing strange noises at homes across from the Park Hill Cemetery at 5915 E Mill Plain Blvd. One tale submitted to the Ghosts of America website mentions the dangers of playing with a Ouija board: On that site, someone named Brendon submitted this story: A few […]

Strange orb reported over Vancouver Lake

Carey Hicks was standing in his driveway in Fruit Valley last night when he saw something odd and scary streak through the sky. It was a helicopter chasing a small craft, possibly an orb, that was highly maneuverable, he said. “It was a smaller craft with a large military helicopter following it,” Hicks said. “It […]

UFO sighting?

A Clark County resident named Diana had this story to tell about a possible UFO sighting on March 14, 2014: “I was really surprised late Friday night while walking my dog and I spotted what I can only describe as a small fleet of UFOs! I’ve never seen anything like this and it was hard […]

Ghost debunking in 1876

From the Vancouver Independant, January 22, 1876 (a predecessor to The Columbian) comes this ghost tale: A Haunted House How Dr. Todd exorcised the spirits. The following incident is from the autobiography of Dr. John Todd, recently published. Hardly were they settled in their new home when there began to be rumors that the house […]

Ghosts at the 1866 Charles Brown House?

Rumor has it cabinets sometimes open on their own at Vancouver’s Charles Brown House, built in 1866. Tom Vogt, The Columbian’s science, military and history reporter, had an interesting story in today’s paper about the building’s grim history. Here’s a little extra from Tom about possible ghosts at the site: “People who work in the […]

Strange ghost walk image

Here’s a strange tale from Dave Garcia about a ghost walk he took, and photographed, in Portland: I took this photo while on a ghost tour in October, 2011. I felt like someone was behind me, so I turned around, no one was there but I took a photo of the rock wall with my […]

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