A Mill Plain haunting

More than one person has reported eerie feelings and hearing strange noises at homes across from the Park Hill Cemetery at 5915 E Mill Plain Blvd.

A Mill Plain haunting

(photo by SCOTT HEWITT/The Columbian)

One tale submitted to the Ghosts of America website mentions the dangers of playing with a Ouija board:

On that site, someone named Brendon submitted this story:

A few years back I was staying in the basement of a house across the street from the cemetery on Mill Plain Boulevard. We had played around with a Ouija board that evening. I never believed they actually did anything until this night.

My friend and I were smoking a cigarette down at the bottom of the basement stairs next to the laundry room just outside of the room we played with the Ouija board.

A Mill Plain haunting

(Park Hill Cemetery -photo by The Columbian, Troy Wayrynen)

As we were conversing and smoking a loud, deep voice came from the basement stairs and very clearly said “get out.”

I couldn’t believe it then I saw the look on my friends face. Before I could say anything he asked if I just heard that.

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