Would you like some McCarthyism with your resolution?

This “In God We Trust” issue is my Groundhog Day. The Clark County council will revisit Councilor Tom Mielke’s proposal to post the national motto on Tuesday. I've written about this […]

The ‘Tom’ Tom Club

A big fear of newspaper reporters is that people will only scan the headlines. It happens more than many reporters would like to acknowledge (so it's been acknowledged for them […]

Former county employees lost in the memory hole

One interesting moment from Thursday's State of the Clark County address came when Commissioner Tom Mielke acknowledged the number of county directors who'd recently resigned their positions. On one hand, […]

State of the county bingo!

It's the day you've all been waiting for: The State of Clark County. It's like Christmas wrapped in the Fourth of July, ensconced in a straight jacket made of Halloween. Adding […]

The doctor is back

Dr. Mielke is back. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Mielke, let me bring you up to speed. During a board of health meeting in March 2011, Commissioner Tom Mielke – a […]

Playing politics at C-Tran

When the official minutes of this week's C-Tran board meeting are finalized, you'll see this phrase: "Tom Mielke motioned, Tim Leavitt seconded, and motion carried..." A new political alliance? Well, probably not. Understand, […]

Prayer on the agenda

The prayer time before public hearings that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has been pursuing will be discussed this coming Tuesday, and will very likely go to a vote. The resolution […]

So close, but no bingo at State of the County address

Okay, I didn't have the card in front of me, but here are the results from what I can remember. Dang that is close to a bingo. Anyways, some notes on the […]

State of the County bingo

All three Clark County commissioners are set to deliver a "State of the County" address at 4:30 p.m. on March 14 at Prairie High School, 11500 NE 117th St. Topics will […]

Local officials and handguns

What better way to spend a Saturday night than at an event with Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, State Sen. Don Benton and a Wall of Guns. I infiltrated the Friends […]

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