Month: April 2014

City tests low-cost solution to stop speeders

At the prodding of Vancouver City Councilors Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Bart Hansen, the city today tested a low-cost solution to slow down drivers on West 39th Street in the Lincoln […]

Updated: Nugent show canceled

Update: The Ted Nugent show has been canceled, but it was over a contract violation, said Clark County Fair Manager John Morrison. Read the story here. On Monday, the Clark County […]

Austin’s Graffiti Park not a solution to vandalism

Bart Hansen, the backpack-carrying Vancouver City Councilor whose earnestness sometimes causes me secondhand embarrassment, always wants to be the cool dad on the council. While other councilors were agreeing Monday to take […]

Update: Neighbors will be asked for input about McDonald’s

The good thing about having a standing public disclosure request for city council emails? I get city council emails. The not-so-good thing? I get them in batches, every two weeks. […]

Another bridge advisory vote?

Commissioner David Madore appears dedicated to building an interstate "East County Bridge," extending from Vancouver over Government Island to Oregon on the other side of the Columbia River. Fellow APIL […]

Golden arches in Uptown? Residents not McLovin it

As reported, a Kirkland man wants to build a McDonald's restaurant at the northeast corner of Fourth Plain Boulevard and Main Street just north of Uptown Village. The news was not well-received […]

The ‘Tom’ Tom Club

A big fear of newspaper reporters is that people will only scan the headlines. It happens more than many reporters would like to acknowledge (so it's been acknowledged for them […]

Turlay’s concerns about the voter-approved “plague”

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay's views on the legalization of recreational marijuana would fit better with the Clark County Commissioners, but as it stands he's the 1 in the council's […]

Forget a “meaningful” life, Madore wonders how one survives on $50k a year

Clark County Commissioner David Madore has said he doesn't understand how someone can live a "meaningful" life on $50,000 a year. Well, now he's dropped the "meaningful" and says people can't "make […]

Swings lowered at John Ball Park — but Teenage Mutant Turtles to invade Aug. 1

After I posted a video illustrating a frustration of parents in the Hough neighborhood, the city moved (relatively) quickly to fix the problem. The kid swings in John Ball Park, […]

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