Month: April 2014

It helps to read the paper

Clark County commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore don't read The Columbian. They're rather obdurate on the matter, steadfastly refusing in most instances to even acknowledge the paper's existence. They […]

Madore stays up late, attacks C-Tran again

Clark County Commissioner David Madore isn't backing down from his accusations that C-Tran has mishandled public meetings and public records. In fact, he's escalating them. Madore's most recent attack on the […]

It’s the calendar’s fault!

Last week, Clark County held a going away bash for Steve Stuart, whose last day as a county commissioner is today. Dozens of well-wishers showed up, including former county commissioners […]

Who are these swings for, anyway?

I know the city of Vancouver prides itself on its parks, but since I live in unincorporated Clark County I don't take my daughters to many city parks. Are all of […]

Demystifying “Big Stu”

At Thursday's farewell reception for Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a few speakers, including Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, referenced Stuart's APIL nickname, "Big Stu." (Until we started calling him that, […]

Musical (vice) chairs

At least Tom Mielke gets to be chair of the Clark County Board of Commissioners. Four times since December, Mielke has been nominated as chair or vice chair of two other […]

April Fool’s: county edition

Some Historians say April Fool's Day began during the reign of Constantine the Great, the ancient Roman reformer who founded Constantinople. If true, it means that for roughly 1,700 years, […]

Topper: Oil terminal process a marathon, not a sprint

Vancouver City Councilor Alishia Topper was a Division 1 collegiate runner ... ... and I wasn't surprised to read a running analogy in one of her emails to Councilor Larry Smith. Topper, […]

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