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Petition demands Madore be investigated

A week ago, I reported that former Clark County Council candidate Chuck Green, a Democrat, alleged ethical misconduct by Councilor David Madore. It turns out a few people agree. Vancouver man Chris […]

Will third time be a charm for Mielke?

It appears Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke will run for reelection after all. Mielke told The Reflector and Camas-Washougal Post Record that he is, indeed, running to keep his seat in […]

Legal ad revenue from county to The Columbian increases despite commissioners’ vote

In March, Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke voted to award the contract for legal ads to The Reflector instead of The Columbian. As Tyler Graf reported at the time, […]

Mielke to public: I’ve heard enough

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke’s evenings are important. Tuesdays in particular, apparently. I can understand this. It’s a good night for TV. I mean, maybe Mielke is a fan of […]

Guttural Mielke exorcised

Tuesday's county commissioners hearing on expanding mining zones in Clark County was a lively one. And that was before Commissioner Tom Mielke’s apparent exorcism. Dozens of neighbors came to speak out against […]

The ‘Tom’ Tom Club

A big fear of newspaper reporters is that people will only scan the headlines. It happens more than many reporters would like to acknowledge (so it's been acknowledged for them […]

Madore: ‘We should never behave like chickens’

Today, in strained similes, Commissioner David Madore defends Clark County's environmental services director, Sen. Don Benton, by likening him to a chicken marked for death by a ravenous brood. The […]

Former county employees lost in the memory hole

One interesting moment from Thursday's State of the Clark County address came when Commissioner Tom Mielke acknowledged the number of county directors who'd recently resigned their positions. On one hand, […]

Quiz: Which local elected official are you?

Thanks to ubiquitous Buzzfeed quizzes, you know which '90s babe is your style icon and which U.S. president you are, as well as what type of cookie and dog. Even […]

State of the county bingo!

It's the day you've all been waiting for: The State of Clark County. It's like Christmas wrapped in the Fourth of July, ensconced in a straight jacket made of Halloween. Adding […]

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