Month: March 2016

Madore responds to whistle-blower complaint

One would think that when an employee files a whistle-blower complaint against an elected official, it might be wise for said elected to wait to comment until an investigation is complete. But […]

Delaying council business to meet a former president

Until Monday, the last time Bill Clinton was in Vancouver was in 1996, when he was campaigning for a second term as U.S. president. Fifty-four years earlier, President Franklin D. […]

Madore buys a Geiger counter

Clark County Councilor David Madore's newest hobby is pointing a Geiger counter at food sold at local grocery stores to test for nuclear radiation. This is a real thing that's happening. At this […]

Be prepared for Clark County meetings with ‘fill-in-the-blank’ story

A proposed charter amendment introduced by Councilor David Madore, despite apparent disinterest from a majority of councilors, appears doomed to suffer a slow, drawn-out death. Late last year, Madore, supported by […]

(CAPTION CONTEST) I’ll get dat pesky county managew

Let me start out by saying I’m not trying to turn this into a battle between dueling blogs. I’m really not. But the latest from is too great not […]

News to disappoint Nan Fans: Henriksen not running

Sorry, Nan Fans: Nan Henriksen has decided not to run for Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke’s seat after all. Late last year, Henriksen, 74, briefly flirted with the idea of running […]

Not ready for the Big One

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt seemed to be hoping for reassurance recently when he asked City Manager Eric Holmes whether the city was prepared to handle an emergency such as the […]

Anti-McCauley article distributed to employees

Clark County employees returned to their cars at the end of the work day Tuesday to find articles lambasting Acting County Manager Mark McCauley left on their windshields, according to […]

Petition demands Madore be investigated

A week ago, I reported that former Clark County Council candidate Chuck Green, a Democrat, alleged ethical misconduct by Councilor David Madore. It turns out a few people agree. Vancouver man Chris […]

Second thoughts? Vancouver may revisit casino stance

On Thursday, Clark County and other appellants in an ongoing lawsuit against the Cowlitz Indian Tribe asked a federal judge to order a halt to construction of the tribe’s casino-resort […]

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