Month: June 2014

Mielke to freeholders: Decreasing commissioners’ salaries ‘sucks’

At last week's board time meeting, noted wordsmith Tom Mielke offered a colorful assessment of a proposed salary reduction for county commissioners. With near Hemingway-esque succinctness, the commissioner deduced, "That […]

History of Leavitt’s streetcar desire

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt told me the streetcar idea isn't new, and said I probably didn't know about the study done "a few years back." Fair enough. I wasn't covering […]

Turlay’s fact-finding mission to Vegas

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay said he wouldn't vote for a resolution opposing an oil-handling facility at the Port of Vancouver and any other projects that would increase Bakken crude oil […]

Madore’s website promises bargain basement deals

Are you a business owner, or prospective business owner? Are you looking for a real humdinger of a deal, something too good to pass up? Well, look no further than Clark […]

Topper questions why traffic warning letters only in English

Vancouver City Councilor Alishia Topper asked City Manager Eric Holmes why the Vancouver Police Department would send a warning letter in English to a couple who aren't fluent in the […]

Leavitt’s desire for a streetcar

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt would like a downtown streetcar. "Over the years, regarding the Waterfront street grid, I've also advocated for consideration/planning of potential street car in the future. Did that happen?" […]

Here’s why Eric Holmes got a $30,000 raise

As reported, the Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to give City Manager Eric Holmes a 17 percent raise on Monday, boosting his annual salary to $199,000. In the story, I mentioned most of the […]

Gathe’s countdown

As previously announced, Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe will retire July 31. He's been the city's top legal advice-giver since 1994, when he was promoted to replace the late Jerry […]

Balance Vancouver’s budget without raising property taxes

Now, keep in mind this is a blog. This is where we put funny anecdotes and sock puppet videos and other bits of information that amuse us but don't belong […]

Take the Topper Challenge

On Monday, City Manager Eric Holmes brought the council up to speed on criticism of plans for the Columbia Way extension, specifically that the east-west arterial leading to the waterfront development […]

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