Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt

Leavitt’s resolution for a happy, healthy 2015

In today's Live Well section, the lead story is by health reporter Marissa Harshman, who asked local elected officials and key health sector employees for their New Year's resolutions.  On the […]

Why Bart got benched for C-Tran composition meeting

Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen's earnestness earned him the nickname "Boy Scout Bart," and he can be counted on to save baby ducks.  But look at Bart (right, with local dude […]

Gee, who could Leavitt be talking about on Facebook?

Well, someone is feeling bold today after being part of the majority in a 7-3 vote. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, perhaps miffed that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke took off Tuesday after the […]

Vancouver may take stance on proposed county charter

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt said today he'll ask city councilors at Monday's meeting if they want to discuss possibly taking a formal stance on the proposed Clark County charter that will be on […]


Last month, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Camas Mayor Scott Higgins sent a request to the U.S. Postal Service. They asked that approximately 880 addresses with a Camas ZIP code […]

More green in wallets, less green in parks

We've received questions from people unhappy with the state of Vancouver city parks this summer, and we've tried to explain, more than once, why parks aren't green and sparkling clean in our weekly […]

CRC “thank-you” resolution likely won’t be introduced

For those who may have seen this Facebook post by State. Rep Liz Pike ... and wondered what resolution she was talking about, I've posted a link to it below. I […]

Another relationship leaves Leavitt heartbroken

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt led the city council last week in saying goodbye to Ted Gathe, who retired July 31 after 25 years with the city, 20 of which were […]

Leavitt, councilors will continue to pay dues

I was curious to see how the vote would go on a proposed policy to let the public to pick up the tab for councilors to join civic and service organizations. But […]

Another tab for taxpayers?

We all know people don't seek elected office for the money. They do it for their egos. But most elected officials get some compensation. In the case of the Vancouver City Council, members […]

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