Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt

Leavitt’s desire for a streetcar

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt would like a downtown streetcar. "Over the years, regarding the Waterfront street grid, I've also advocated for consideration/planning of potential street car in the future. Did that happen?" […]

Go to Low Bar for lowdown on Leavitt

As if starring in weekly meetings on CVTV wasn't enough, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt will be getting his own show. Don't worry, it's just one episode, to be aired on YouTube. For his […]

Seating drama not exclusive to high school

Seating arrangements for elected officials aren't always random. For example, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt sits in the center seat at city council meetings. The junior member of the council is […]

Leavitt staying neutral on oil resolution until after public hearing

The Vancouver City Council has the votes to pass a resolution pledging to fight any proposals that would result in an increase of Bakken crude oil being hauled through Clark County, specifically […]

A bone for conspiracy theorists to chew on

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt has yet to take a public stance on the prospect of having the largest oil-handling facility in the Northwest in his city. He's been out of […]

No “Bingo!” for State of the City

I knew Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt would be behind a podium for the State of the City Address, but I didn't guess he'd be standing on a soapbox. So I […]

“State of the City” bingo

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt will deliver the annual State of the City address, 9 a.m. tomorrow at Fort Vancouver High School. Doors open at 8:30. I'm so excited, I just […]

Quiz: Which local elected official are you?

Thanks to ubiquitous Buzzfeed quizzes, you know which '90s babe is your style icon and which U.S. president you are, as well as what type of cookie and dog. Even […]

The will of the voters, not necessarily the people

During Monday's public hearing on a recreational marijuana ordinance, when the phrase "the will of the voters" was used approximately 420 times, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt had to state the […]

Leavitt’s triumphant return to Fort

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt will give the 2014 State of the City address at Fort Vancouver High School, where he graduated from in 1989. The State of the City is 9 […]

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