Month: September 2014

Communication is key, spelling is secondary

Don Benton, a state senator and Clark County's director of Environmental Services, sent an email Friday titled "Communication is Key," to reporters at The Columbian (and others) asking for money […]

Mielke’s Wyoming walkabout

The week of Sept. 8, Commissioner Tom Mielke took a trip to Wyoming to visit coal facilities at the invitation of Gov. Matt Meade. Not much was said of the trip […]

A lesson that transcends sports

On Sunday, my husband was one of more than 100 reporters at the Seahawks-Broncos game in Seattle. When the schedule came out in April, we joked he should get me […]

Public transit skeptics, this post is for you

During Monday's update on the Columbia River waterfront project, the Vancouver City Council was briefed on infrastructure being built. Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt has talked before about wanting a downtown streetcar, […]

What’s a few thousand characters among friends?

About a week ago, APIL documented a concern from Sydney Reisbeck, who told commissioners how disappointed she was that an online form the county uses to gather feedback from citizens […]

Assessor Van Nortwick responds to criticism

In today's Letters to the Editor, a resident took issue with Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick.┬áSpecifically, he didn't like that his assessed value went from $271,351 in 2013 to […]

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale …

When traveling, I've never been one to sign up for bus tours (OK, once in New York City I went on a tour of filming locations for a favorite TV […]


Last month, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Camas Mayor Scott Higgins sent a request to the U.S. Postal Service. They asked that approximately 880 addresses with a Camas ZIP code […]

Pro-charter video a nod to “The Dating Game”

Local dudes Jim Mains and Gary Bock released a new Vancouver Side video today, and it's pro-county charter. Mains was a freeholder, as were video co-stars Temple Lentz and Joe […]

Mielke was for the charter before he was against it

Flip-flopping, or the appearance of it, is nothing new in politics. The term allegedly dates as far back as 1890, when a New York City district attorney candidate, John W. […]

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