Month: September 2014

More green in wallets, less green in parks

We've received questions from people unhappy with the state of Vancouver city parks this summer, and we've tried to explain, more than once, why parks aren't green and sparkling clean in our weekly […]

Turlay wants “good old-fashioned debate” on climate change

The Association of Washington Business Policy Summit is Sept. 16-18 at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, and Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion titled, […]

“Dancing with the Local Stars” includes hot performance by fire marshal

"Dancing with the Local Stars" was Saturday, and before I get into who won and how much money was raised, you really need to see Vancouver Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli's entrance […]

Wanna leave a comment, write a Haiku

If you were thinking of leaving comments on Clark County's website regarding its comprehensive plan update, you'd have better luck dashing off a series of tweets. That's because the county placed […]

Vancouver Rotary going for the hotter sister?

An email from Fort Vancouver National Trust President Elson Strahan, in his role as president of the Rotary Club of Vancouver, has prompted a few raised eyebrows at City Hall. In the […]

Councilor Bill Turlay speaks for the trees

The Portland-based Intertwine Alliance recently had a feature headlined, "If Trees Could Speak," that highlighted what three communities are doing about urban forestry. The article included Vancouver and quoted Charles Ray, the […]

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