Author: Amy Fischer

Picking sides in the restroom debate

Co-written by reporters Amy Fischer and Kaitlin Gillespie. Vancouver City Councilors on Monday were ready to go to bat with state Legislators over two House bills and a Senate bill that […]

Morphing from citizen to city councilor

Sometimes the solutions to a city’s problems seem so glaringly simple. If only the government would do X or Y, everything would work out. Boom. Make it so. But that view […]

Meeting her Moonage Daydream

Some people freak out when they meet their celebrity idols. But Vancouver city communications manager Carol Bua kept her cool when she met rock god David Bowie at a 1992 record […]

Craving some crazy for 2016

Reflecting on the Vancouver City Council’s performance this year, there haven’t been a lot of hijinks to blog about. No shouting matches or punches thrown. Disagreements are polite. All council members […]

He earned that brick

Twenty-five years of service for the city of Vancouver, and all Larry Smith got was a lousy brick. To be fair, it was a replica of a brick installed in front […]

We love Joyo, Japan (but like a sister)

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt returned to work last Monday from his week-long business trip to Japan still aglow from his travels, even answering “hai,” the Japanese word for yes, when […]

Homeless state of emergency? Not yet

Portland’s done it. So have Seattle, Los Angeles and Hawaii. So why hasn’t the city of Vancouver declared a state of emergency on homelessness, too? The question has arisen in the weeks […]

Not sitting on their hands

On Monday, police will begin enforcing Vancouver’s camping ordinance, which the city council amended last month to allow for overnight camping to ensure the law was constitutionally sound. The ordinance, which […]

Miracle Whip or mayo for Vancouver City Council?

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Vancouver City Council candidate George Francisco says his race for position 6 against incumbent Bill Turlay “may seem like it is between mayo and Miracle […]

Good luck getting a personal fireworks permit

When the Vancouver City Council voted Oct. 5 to ban personal fireworks starting in 2017, Councilor Anne McEnerny-Ogle pointed out that even with a personal fireworks ban, the public still could apply […]

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