Author: Amy Fischer

Distracted by climate change ‘hoaxes’

It’s been a busy year for the Vancouver City Council. Affordable housing. Homelessness. Annexation. Marijuana legislation. Police staffing. Waterfront construction. Conflicts between neighborhoods and truck traffic. Road projects. Park maintenance. Then there’s […]

Pensions make a difference when mayor

Royce Pollard, Pat Jollota and Larry Smith were central to the opposition movement against the fat salary hikes the city Salary Review Commission recently gave Vancouver’s mayor and city council […]

There’s more to the appointment story

In the recent commotion over the Vancouver mayor and city council’s big pay raises, people often mention that the mayor himself appointed the five Salary Review Commission members. Which is technically […]

Turlay slaps down Forsman on chemtrails

Remember Justin Forsman, the earnest young man on an anti-fluoride campaign who tried in vain to unseat Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen in November’s election? He's back. Apparently he’s chewing on […]

Vancouver salary commission bickers and stalls

Three months might seem like plenty of time to hash out what Vancouver’s mayor and city council should be paid for 2017-18. But if you’re following the progress of the […]

Delaying council business to meet a former president

Until Monday, the last time Bill Clinton was in Vancouver was in 1996, when he was campaigning for a second term as U.S. president. Fifty-four years earlier, President Franklin D. […]

Not ready for the Big One

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt seemed to be hoping for reassurance recently when he asked City Manager Eric Holmes whether the city was prepared to handle an emergency such as the […]

Second thoughts? Vancouver may revisit casino stance

On Thursday, Clark County and other appellants in an ongoing lawsuit against the Cowlitz Indian Tribe asked a federal judge to order a halt to construction of the tribe’s casino-resort […]

The glory of making Portland’s list

In case you missed it, Vancouver’s future waterfront park earned kudos in alternative tabloid Willamette Week’s Feb. 10 article, “28 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now.” Yup. Something we did is […]

Anti-pot ad’s message is hazy

A state Department of Health anti-marijuana advertising campaign backfired when people complained, thinking the ads were promoting the sale of pot. The ads, which say, “My teen would never smoke MARIJUANA […]

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