Turlay slaps down Forsman on chemtrails

chemtrailsRemember Justin Forsman, the earnest young man on an anti-fluoride campaign who tried in vain to unseat Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen in November’s election?

He’s back. Apparently he’s chewing on the idea of running for the 49th District Senate seat against Annette Cleveland (D-Vancouver), based on the campaign sign he posted on his Facebook page. (“Join the resistance!”)

In what may have been his first campaign stop, he showed up at Monday’s Vancouver city council meeting in a three-piece suit, urging the council to “do something” about chemtrails/geo-engineering – those white streaks of condensation some airplanes leave behind in the sky.

“There has been a steady, concentrated and uninterrupted flow of chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere, and it’s poisoning our community,” said Forsman, saying he’d been asked by concerned citizens to speak to the council about the matter.

He explained that the purpose of chemtrails, fluoride and vaccines is to reduce the world’s population by 80 percent to bring it into balance with nature. It’s all part of Agenda 21, said Forsman, referring to a non-binding, voluntary United Nations measure on sustainability that President George H.W. Bush signed into law in 1992.

As an aside, Forsman noted that Bush’s father “was a Nazi collaborator and narrowly escaped prosecution in 1933.”

“Bottom line, if you support Agenda 21 and chemical spraying that is constantly taking place in our sky, then you essentially support this 80 percent population die off – and include yourself in this number,” Forsman said.

Interestingly, it was Councilor Bill Turlay who stepped up to be the voice of reason. Turlay believes that humans don’t play a role in global warming, a topic that somehow has come up repeatedly during his council tenure. His council peers don’t seem to share his views.

Turlay, a Navy fighter pilot in Vietnam, told Forsman that the white streaks are frozen particles resulting from the temperature, altitude and moisture.

“I’ve done it many a time flying cross country, and we never sprayed a damn thing out there to hurt anybody,” he said, sounding cross. “It does nothing to impede your life.”

Pilots sometimes would release chaff, “little tinfoil things we dropped out when we were being tracked by radar, and it could break up the radar lock,” he said, adding, “I don’t think your science is very good here.”

Forsman, who had been futilely trying to interrupt, began citing sources. He urged Turlay to look at a 1996 paper produced for the U.S. Air Force called, “Owning the Weather by 2025.”

Turlay was unimpressed.

“There had been some proposals on geoengineering, but most of those have been from nut jobs,” he said curtly. “We also have people standing on the street saying that Earth’s going to end on such-and-such a date. So I’m not buying into all of these theories.”

So if Turlay’s not buying it, where does that leave Forsman?

Looks like he’s floating test balloons for a possible Senate run in the chemtrail-streaked sky.

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