Month: February 2016

‘The urinating on chairs was bad enough’

If you thought your job was bad, remember: at least you probably don’t have to deal with peed-on furniture. The Clark County council on Wednesday revisited a plan to make the […]

A draft’s a draft

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a discussion during a Clark County council’s board time in which Councilor David Madore accused planning staff from hiding information from the councilor. Here’s […]

Clark County council officially kills eighth lingering resolution

The Clark County council took on another controversial matter at its Tuesday meeting, though it almost seemed a secondary issue with all the hullabaloo over discussion of the Clark County […]

Parking Services’s bike is ready to conquer the mountains

Hey Vancouver Parking Services, can I borrow your bike this weekend? No, don’t worry; you guys didn’t tow my truck because of too many parking tickets or anything. It’s just that […]

Sheriff’s office hosts family-only pistol license event

An anonymous angry caller complained that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office put on a special event for its employees and their families to apply for concealed pistol license. Are they […]

The glory of making Portland’s list

In case you missed it, Vancouver’s future waterfront park earned kudos in alternative tabloid Willamette Week’s Feb. 10 article, “28 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now.” Yup. Something we did is […]

A room with a view

If you're like me, you want to see anything proposed on the waterfront to succeed, if not for the economy then for the city's character, appeal and aesthetic. (If you're […]

Madore points fingers over Comp Plan

The Clark County council’s Wednesday board time featured a heated discussion of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update and Councilor David Madore’s accusations that staff is attempting to hide information […]

Anti-pot ad’s message is hazy

A state Department of Health anti-marijuana advertising campaign backfired when people complained, thinking the ads were promoting the sale of pot. The ads, which say, “My teen would never smoke MARIJUANA […]

Don’t forget to vote in upcoming election

Here’s your friendly reminder that, in every Clark County election, policy decisions and elected officials are selected by a small minority of voters. Only 34.2 percent of Clark County’s 251,528 […]

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