Author: Janet Cleaveland

Cioppino linked to Christmas Eve tradition

This column first appeared in Northwest Catholic, the magazine for the Catholic Church in Western Washington. I don’t remember the first time I had cioppino, the hearty Italian-American fish stew that […]

Pork with spicy green beans on election night

OK, let's try this again. On Election Day, I was sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton would become 45th president of the United States. With confidence, I blogged about a post that popped up […]

Blessings on our beloved pets

This column first appeared in Northwest Catholic magazine, a publication for Catholics in Western Washington. St. Francis of Assisi’s Oct. 4 feast day puts focus on the animals in our […]

Back to school, so what’s for lunch?

This column first appeared in the September issue of Northwest Catholic. Boring meals, especially for older students, get poor grades, so try stuffing falafel or caprese salad into pita pockets Hello, students. It’s […]

Thanks indeed to the kind person who found my keys

Janet, Abby, and Lisa Johnson This is a post about kindness, not about food, though I wish I could share a meal with the person who saved my day. Dear kind person […]

Lunch with two friends from way back

My Portland State days are far behind me, and I've had a milestone birthday that I couldn't imagine reaching. This week, however, I had a good reminder of days gone by when two friends from […]

Fay retires, and she does it ‘Fay’s Way’

  Fay Blackburn, take a big victory lap as we hum Frank Sinatra's "My Way." You've so earned your retirement. For 43 years, Fay worked at The Columbian. She dropped off and […]

Salty, fiery and sweet sauce for salmon

I have neglected you, Small Plates pals, for no other reasons than projects, meals that seemed too mundane to share and a houseful of company. But good things happen when out-of-town family show up for an extended […]

Aroma of onions for soup brings up memories

No. 3 son doesn't like onions, hasn't liked them from Day 1. So yesterday, as I was chopping sweet onions for French onion soup, I recalled how I used to make two versions […]

For now, chiang mai curry noodles top list

People who follow this blog know how much I rely on Nancie McDermott's cookbooks. Having friends over? Serve them summer rolls with shrimp and mint along with meatball soup from "Quick […]

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