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Food & Exercise is Medicine!

You will notice there are many reports suggesting that obesity and poor health are high risk factors to not faring well if infected with COVID-19. This information should be a […]

Cross-train Your Way to Your BEST Self

Last weekend I participated in a Paddleboard Triathlon, something I’ve never done before. We started racing on Paddleboards, then transitioned to a bike and finished with a run. It was […]

Valentine’s Day Workout With Your Sweetie

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the LOVE bug has struck many making it a great opportunity to address the benefits of working out with your special someone. Spending […]

Who Are Your Fitness Peeps?

Once you decide to start a health and fitness program, sure, you can go it alone but many people report that having a group of people to work out with […]

Couples that Sweat Together, Stay Together

If your sweetie has set a resolution to get fit this year, the last thing you want to do is sabotage his or her efforts with a box of chocolates […]

Partner Training – Week 10

Partner Training – Week 10 – Partner Training Stretches We are at the end of a 10 week Partner Training Series and you now have a ton of options available to […]

Partner Training Week 9

Partner Training – Week 9 – No Equipment Partner Training Over the last few months, you’ve learned a variety of partner exercises you can do utilizing boxing equipment, medicine balls, and […]

Partner Training – Week 8

Partner Training – Week 8 Tips on How to Be a Solid Workout Buddy Over the last couple months, this series has introduced you to a number of partner training ideas including […]

Partner Training – Week 7

Partner Training – Week 7 Medicine Ball Training with Your Partner for Active, Quality Time! Working out with a partner is fun, challenging and because your buddy is counting on you, […]

Partner Training – Week 5

Partner Training – Week 5 Medicine Ball Training with your partner for active, quality time! Medicine Balls are a fabulous tool for working out with a partner. There are a ton […]

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