Partner Training – Week 9 – No Equipment Partner Training

Over the last few months, you’ve learned a variety of partner exercises you can do utilizing boxing equipment, medicine balls, and tubing. But what if you don’t have access to any equipment?  Well, here’s a quick circuit that you can do anywhere using no equipment whatsoever.  Remember what they say…

“Partners who sweat together, stay together!”

Partner Squats:

Start by facing your partner holding onto each others arms.  You begin the exercise by each of you slowly squatting backwards while keeping your kneecaps pointing forwards – avoid allowing your knees to collapse inwards.Try to keep your weight equally distributed on all 4 corners of your feet – avoid allowing your arches to collapse inwards. Lower until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor or to a comfortable position. Now slowly extend back up. Complete 1 set of 8-20 reps. This one’s a good one to develop trust in each other!

449A9557judith1_webPushup Contest:

Nothing like a little contest to pump those muscles and have a little fun!  But it’s important to level the playing field if one of you is clearly stronger than the other. So here’s how it goes – the stronger of you has to perform their pushups on a slight decline or from a toe position. Whereas, the less strong gets to perform their pushups from an inclined, toe position. Depending on each other’s strength, make it is as fair as possible so that it’s actually a contest!  Start together and go at the same tempo and see who can last the longest!

robjudith1_webrobjudith2Oblique Crunches:

Start by lying on your backs facing opposite directions with the outside of your hips almost touching. Keep your chin away from your chest and focus your vision at about 45 degrees into the ceiling.  Avoid looking straight up to the ceiling or towards the opposite wall. Now slowly curl your torso up and then rotate towards your partner and give ‘em a “High 5” with your furthest arm. Be sure to contract your abdominals on each repetition.  Alternate sides and perform 8-15 reps on each side.

449A9629Partner Relays:

One partner will do a muscle conditioning exercise while the other performs a cardio drill. So for example, one partner could be holding a plank while the other runs a quick 10-50 meter sprint and then you switch – perform a few repeats.  Or one partner could be holding a V-sit while the other shuffles laterally. Or one partner could be holding a wall squat while the other performs fast footwork or agility drills.

Go through the circuit 1-3x.

Sherri McMillan, M.Sc. has been inspiring the world to adopt a fitness lifestyle for 25 years and has received numerous industry awards including International Personal Trainer and Fitness Presenter of the Year. She is the author of five books including “Go For Fit – the Winning Way to Fat Loss” and “Fit over Forty” and is the featured presenter in various fitness DVDs.  She is the owner of Northwest Personal Training in downtown Vancouver and can be seen running, hiking or cycling with her two children, Brianna and Jackson.  She can be reached at or Note:  As an avid Columbian reader, you can redeem a 2 week pass at her world-class training studio to help get you started.  Contact 360.574.7292 for more details. 

Sherri McMillan

Sherri McMillan

Sherri McMillan, holds a master's degree in exercise physiology and has been inspiring the world to adopt a fitness lifestyle for more than 33 years. She has received numerous industry awards including 2010 CanFitPro International Presenter of the Year, 2006 IDEA Fitness Director of the Year, 1998 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, 1998 CanFitPro Fitness Presenter of the Year and 2005/2006 ACE Fitness Educator of the Year - Runner up. She is a fitness trainer, fitness columnist for various magazines and newspapers, author of five books and manuals including "Go For Fit - the Winning Way to Fat Loss" and "Fit over Forty" and the featured presenter in various fitness DVDs. She has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of fitness leaders throughout Canada, Australia, Mexico, Jamaica, New Zealand, Germany, England, Spain, South America, Asia and the U.S. She is the owner of Northwest Personal Training in downtown Vancouver, the founder of WHY Racing Events & WHY Community, participates in various community fundraisers and can be found running, biking, or hiking around the community. Find more information at

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