Litterbox Lessons: Litterbox Access For All!

I'd like to tell you a short story.  I'm sharing this story with you because cat behaviorists are people too, and the cats they live with are, well, also cats.  […]

You CAN Train Your Cat!

I previously wrote an article on the benefits of using positive reinforcement to encourage your cat to exhibit "good" behaviors.  I'd like to take the application of positive reinforcement one […]

Your cat can enjoy the season’s holidays with…pumpkin!

With Halloween just behind us and Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks away, it seems like pumpkins are everywhere you look.  And this is good news for your kitty, because […]

Dealing with the Litterbox Blues

Have a cat? You've probably experienced a litter box accident or two. But when it happens regularly, it can become very challenging to your relationship with your feline family member. […]

Lux the (in)famous cat

I got into a fight on Facebook with someone I've never met this week. (Gasp! Shocker! That never happens, right?) The topic? The now-infamous cat from Portland named Lux that […]

This is the hard part

I debated writing about the last adoption experience that Bob and I had because I wouldn't ever want to discourage anyone from adopting an animal from the shelter. But after […]

What kind of cat are you?

Like everyone else on Facebook, I've taken a dozen or so Buzzfeed quizzes in the last few weeks. So I can tell you for certain that I belong in New York, […]

Having a bad day? These will help!

I spend way too much time online. I usually bounce back and forth between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I follow some cat-related profiles on all of them. I even […]

You know you’re a cat owner if…

Yesterday was a long day. I was tired and ready for bed, and yet I stood at the side of my bed for 10 minutes waiting for my cat to […]

The Internet is for cats

The Internet is for cats. Everyone knows this of course. We have something like 90 percent of the sum total of knowledge of the human race at our finger tips — […]

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