Month: April 2016

Ferals, Strays and Barn Cats

  You’ve seen them around, cats that seem to have no home and may be skittish towards you. These are cats that have either lost their home and have to fend […]

You CAN Train Your Cat!

I previously wrote an article on the benefits of using positive reinforcement to encourage your cat to exhibit "good" behaviors.  I'd like to take the application of positive reinforcement one […]

Catios and the great outdoors

If you love your kitties like I do, you want to keep them safe. When Fluffy lives indoors, she stays safe, but she can be bored. Although cats prefer to […]

Using Positive Reinforcement to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

You know how people say that cats can't be trained?  I will heartily disagree with that statement!  In fact, cats have got this training concept down pat.  Think about it […]

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