When Pills Pose a Problem

While some cat guardians are either extremely blessed or exceptionally adept at getting their furry family members to swallow pills whole without issue, most pet parents seek a safer (sneakier?) […]

The “Skinny” on Cat Treats

Is your cat one who’s never met a treat she didn’t love? Does she meow at the mere sound of a bag crackling, shaking or opening? Does she salivate at […]

Your Cat as Therapy Cat

Although less common than their canine counterparts in nursing homes, seniors’ residences and hospitals, special needs schools, libraries and day-care centers, the interest in and demand for therapy cats has […]

The Mysterious “Silent Meow”

Your kitty gazes up at you, purr-haps with an eye blink for emphasis, and slowly opens her mouth. She makes a “meow” movement once or twice and then … All […]

Senior Cats and Senior Citizens

Familiar with the axiom: “There may be snow on the roof top, but there is fire in the furnace”? Now, imagine it this way: “There may be snow on the fur/hair, […]

Pregnancy, Toxoplasmosis, and the Proper Precautions

The fear of a pregnant woman’s contracting toxoplasmosis should never be a reason to relinquish the family’s cherished feline companion. In fact, people are more likely to become infected with […]

The Marvels of Adopting Mature Cats

  How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”? And why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel […]

Honesty is the Only “Paw-licy”

A successful adoption and happily-ever-after tail depend upon two vital “T’s”: truth and trust. Without these all-essential elements, the outcomes are all too often, anything but happy. And it’s ultimately the […]

“Home Alone” Cats: Safe or Sorry?

There are two kinds of kitties in the wide and wacky world of cats. The “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” feline and the “Out of sight, out of mind” […]

Hot Weather and Cool Cats!

Make sure your cats stay cool in the summer heat! Wait a minute - are we talking about the same creatures who reach near-spontaneous-combustion temperatures when they bask in a sunny […]

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