Cat Tales

Toe Tufts and Kitties, Oh My!

Toe tufts, sometimes known as toe “floofs,” are bits of fur that grow between a cat’s toes. Typically found on cat breeds with medium to long coats (examples: Balinese, Cymric, […]

Felines and Fireworks

  National holidays, while celebrated by people, aren’t always cause for celebration by our cats. For them, a holiday like the 4th of JULY means one thing: fireworks. Or simply put: […]

JUNE Is National Adopt A Cat Month

Started in 1974 by the American Humane Association, June has, since then, been known as National Adopt a Cat Month. And its significance is doubly meaningful because June is also […]

Why Cats Sleep in Bathrooms

Is YOUR favorite feline fascinated by the idea of bedding down in your bathroom? If so, consider these paws-ible explanations for it.   Bathrooms are typically cooler than the rest of […]

May is National Microchip Month

Millions of cats go missing each year, and statistically, those without microchips have less than a 5% chance of being reunited with their families. Cats with microchips, on the other […]

Why Kitty “Guards” Your Door

Is your favorite feline fond of “guarding” your door – whether bathroom or bedroom -- when you close it behind you? Have you ever wondered why? If so, consider the […]

Why Do Cats Lick the Carpet?

Does YOUR favorite feline companion enjoy licking the carpet? If so, have you ever considered the paws-ible reasons behind this behavior? It “tastes” good: Because cats have a highly developed […]

Can Cats Consume Celery?

Curious as to whether it’s safe for cats to crunch on celery? The short answer is “yes.” But, as with everything edible, it’s safest in moderation. Chock-o-block full of fiber, celery […]

Ear Infections in Cats

Does the sight of your kitty shaking her head and scratching either one or both of her ears have you worried? If so, the likely culprit is an ear infection.   Not […]

Does YOUR Kitty Drink from the Toilet?

If YOUR favorite feline finds drinking from the toilet a paw-leasure, have you ever wondered why? And how to break her of this less than sanitary habit? Cats don’t “consider” […]

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