Month: October 2017

Paws Up for National Cat Day

For decades, designated days have been devoted to an increasing number of awareness raising issues. And since 2005, raising awareness about the crucial issue of cat adoption has had its […]

Cat Costumes for Halloween?

With the approach of Halloween, many cat owners may be tempted to put costumes on their fine feline friends. But should they? Before slipping your cherished companion into something she may […]

The Wonder of White Cats

Not only are white cats rare and valuable, they are also vulnerable. Why? Because the white of their coat isn’t actually a color, but the ABSENCE of color. And why […]

Anisocoria in Cats

Cats’ eyes, so large and so lovely, can also signal injury or illness.   Consider the condition called Anisocoria, where the pupil of one eye is larger than the pupil of the […]

The “Skinny” on Cat Treats

Is your cat one who’s never met a treat she didn’t love? Does she meow at the mere sound of a bag crackling, shaking or opening? Does she salivate at […]

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