You know you’re a cat owner if…

GandalfYesterday was a long day. I was tired and ready for bed, and yet I stood at the side of my bed for 10 minutes waiting for my cat to find his spot before I climbed in. He moved from one corner to the other before finally settling next to my pillow, his tail draped right where my head was supposed to go.

That was not the first night I’d waited for a spot in my own bed and I doubt it will be the last. This is just one of the many bizarre rituals in my life that I do to please my cats. I’m really hoping I’m not alone. I’m sure there are other “cat guardians” out there that are toeing the line between pet owner and crazy person.

Here are a few more of my strange, cat-related habits. Please tell me you do things like this too:

  • I don’t close the bathroom door behind me because I don’t want to upset the cats. I’ve come to realize that closed doors are very offensive.
  • I don’t pick up my feet when I walk for fear I will step on or trip over a cat. I currently have a gouge in my foot from tripping over our little black cat a few days ago.
  • I meow back at a cat when it meows at me. Any cat, I don’t just do this to my own. Makes working at the shelter a little awkward.
  • I leave empty boxes and paper grocery bags out after I unpack them for my cats to play in. Seriously, I moved into my current room two months ago and I still have empty boxes laying around.
  • I never stretch out in bed. I’ve kicked my cat off a couple times and felt so bad.
  • When I crochet I let my cat have the spare skein of yarn to play with. Our little black cat loves to drag them around and it keeps her from unraveling my current project.
  • I keep two comforters on my bed: one for the cats to sleep on and one for me. We tried to share. It didn’t work out.
  • I avoid going near the back door and near the pantry because I know it will draw the cats’ attention and I will get nagged until I let them out or give them treats.

I’m sure there are more. Life with cats is complicated, but when I roll over during the night and find a warm ball of gray fur next to me and feel him purring against my cheek I know it’s all worth it. He’s a pain in the butt, but he’s an adorable pain in the butt.






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